About the Chair

The Chair was established in 2001 from the initiative of Professor Marian Grzybowski (justice of the Constitutional Tribunal in the years 2001-2010). The Chair provides a focus for research and teaching in the field of comparative as well as Polish constitutional law. Presently the chair employs six scholars and collaborates with several doctoral fellows. We are committed to thinking comparatively about the constitution and to bringing together normative and political science approaches to the analysis of constitutional systems. The chair offers compulsory and specialised courses for students at the Faculty of Law and Administration.


The Chair of Comparative Constitutional Law kindly informs that all courses offered by the Chair are convened through distance learning instruments. Employees of the Chair use, among others, Pegaz system with the integrated BigBluBotton application and MS Teams system. On these platforms, our scholars conduct online classes (they provide teaching materials in the form of PowerPoint presentations, recorded lectures, they organize webinars, etc.). Each scholar determines the detailed form of classes, notifying students about them via e-mail.